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Yemeni Scientific Association for Educational Administration

Country: Yemen

City: Sanaa

Name of the representative of the center/institution (director/president): Dr Khalil Mohamad Khatib

Areas of interest of the center/institution: Research- the educational administration, Educational Planning


Mobile: 00967777113953


The year the center/institution was established: 2020

The nature of the center/institution: A Civil Organization

The unit that belongs to in the network: Policy studies in the Arab region, cultural studies, strategic and future studies of the Arab region, studies of social changes in the Arab region, anthropological studies in the Arab region, education studies, general interest

Note: The Yemeni Scientific Society for Educational Administration is: an independent, not-for-profit, socially responsible, locally accredited scientific institution that holds an official license from the Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Yemen,It was established in (2020) by an elite of the Yemeni academic community, and is distinguished as the first Yemeni scientific association specialized in the field of educational administration, concerned with developing scientific culture, encouraging creativity, attracting national competencies, investing energies, developing capabilities, exchanging experiences, and providing research, educational, training and advisory services And to promote the movement of research, production and scientific publishing in accordance with the standards of quality and excellence, and to contribute with the relevant authorities in employing knowledge outputs in policy-making, decision-making, community service, achieving comprehensive and sustainable development, and creating effective partnerships with similar bodies, networks and organizations on the Arab, regional and international levels.